VG Ceiling Fan, Green Breeze, Brush Nickel Silver + Wooden Brown Texture Laminated Blades


by VG Fans

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Brand will contact for free installation within 36 hours (Installation may be delayed for containment zones).Details

  • Virus and Bacteria Resistant material: Combination of USFDA and IS 10901 and IS 10910 certified Polypropylene homopolymer (Hard & Soft Material) made up of Antimicrobial ABS material, Soft pickup handle and Back made up of disinfectable non-woven Polypropylene Water Resistant material.
  • Anti-Virus Kit: Bag comes with Anti-Virus kit that includes 2 Face Masks, 3 Touchless Keys for operating lifts Buttons and gates etc, 100 ml Disinfector Spray, 100 ml Sanitizer, and 2 Face Shields for your health safety
  • Easy to Disinfect and wash: Comes with Disinfectant spray to kill bacteria and viruses so that you don’t carry them at your home or work place.
  • Disinfected Delivery: Bags are disinfected before dispatch
  • USB Charging Port: The backpack comes with a USB charging port that enables you to use your phone conveniently on the go

  • Environment Friendly Product, Saves upto 60% power.
  • Advanced BLDC Motor Design ( Brush less Direct current Motor.)
  • Minimum Power Maximum air delivery.
  • Power Surge protections for line power surge.
  • Complete Aluminium Body and blades.
  • Smart Remote control operations. Operates from a distance up to 15-20 ft.
  • Timer Mode to turns off the Fan after the set hours
  • Convenient Five speed control in Green Breeze Series & 6 in Green Breeze DLX LED Model
  • Operate Multiple Fans with one remote
  • Constant speed in voltage fluctuation from 130 to 285 Volts
  • Cool Air , No heating of Motor
  • Double Ball bearing
  • Runs Three times longer on inverter, Uses 1/3rd power as compared to normal fan.
  • Silent operation
  • In built speed controller. No need of Separate Ceiling fan regulator.
Various Color combinations for trendy interiors of modern houses.  

1) Our fan has combination of classic and fashionable appearance, which is Personalised an unique in structure.


 2) lighted ceiling fan to serve as a primary source of general lighting in the room, 


3) Fan is equipped with High efficient


4) wooden Blade with Silver and Wooden Brown colour in both side of the Blade


5) LED lights come in broad assortment of color tones.


6)  Convenient Six speed control 


Product Description BLDC LED  Ceiling Fan
Manufacturer Nonstop professional motor designer And Manufacturer
Includes Remote Yes
Wattage 56 Watt
Material Type Metal
Mounting Type Ceiling
color Name      Brush Nickel Silver + Wooden Brown Texture Laminated Blades    
Included Components Motor, Remote, Blades, Canopy, Down rod, Shackle Assay, Led deco cover
Built-in Light Yes
Number Of Speeds 6
Item Weight 8 KG
Item Width 300 mm
Item Height 310 mm
Item Length 600 mm
Fan Size 1200 mm
Country Of Origin China